Mensaje de Asociación Vivamos

Vivamos Pozo de los deseos first donor photo

El English ha estado trabajando con Asociación Vivamos, un orfanato que trabaja con niños de 11-18 años. Hemos instalado un Pozo de los Deseos (vea foto) para recaudar fondos para la fundación. Miembros de Vivamos estarán presentes durante el Community Day para apoyar esta campaña, y también vamos a planear una campaña con 6o grado para ayudarlos en Mayo.
El dinero recaudado va a la campaña de Vivamos para crecer plata para construir un salón especial en un colegio que será para los estudiantes con dificultades de aprendizaje. Puedes colaborar con la campaña acá. ¡Ya han recaudado más que 4000 dolares americanos! Abajo encuentras un mensaje de agradecimiento de Rafael Sanabria, quién es un papa en TES y está involucrado estrechamente con la fundación.
The English School has been working closely with Asociación Vivamos , an orphanage that works with 11-18 year-old children. We have put in a wishing well to raise money for them (see above photo). Members of Vivamos will be here on Community Day to support this campaign, and we’re also planning a campaign with 6th grade to help them in May.
The money raised will go towards Vivamos’s campaign to build a room in a school in Bogotá dedicated to helping children with learning difficulties. You can contribute to the campaign here. They have already raised over $4000 USD! Below you will find a message of appreciation from Rafael Sanabria, who is a TES parent and is closely involved with the foundation

On behalf of the children at Asociación Vivamos we want to thank The English School and especially you for the passion and commitment on the Social Responsibility programs.

At Asociación Vivamos we  know there are other organizations TES can support, but you believe in our cause, so you chose to help our children.Thank you for joining us in our effort to contribute to social change in Colombia, giving orphan children appropriate
conditions for their development and their inclusion to society in an autonomous and independent
way. Your help and the help from TES students makes the world a better place.

When I was yesterday at the School, I witnessed how TES students and staff have such a great sense of sharing for the people who need it. I am proud to be part of this new initiative that has generated a lot of interest not only in the little ones, but also in the
adults. The wishing well is just another expression of generosity from TES students and staff.

We will be at the school next Sunday at the Community day with some of our children so TES community can share and know a little bit more about our job.

We appreciate your trust in us and we promise we’ll use the money in a proper way.

Thank you again for all you have done to help us.

Best regards

Rafael Sanabria

By ccctes

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