Anti Bullying March

Anti bullyig march May '13

Primary psychologists organized an anti bullying march in primary this month. Here’s what psychologist Maria Escobar had to say about it, and here’s a reflection from 4th grade students who sang a song during the march. Great job primary!

Psicólogas de primaria organizaron una marcha contra el acoso y la intimidación escolar este mes. Aquí está lo que dice la psicóloga Maria Angélica Escobar sobre ella, y aquí está una reflexión de estudiantes de 4o quienes presentaton una canción en la marcha. ¡Gran trabajo primaria!
The anti bullying international day is May 4, so we decided to join this cause marching against bullying. Students prepared the day before the official anti bullying song “Stand up” by Mike Tompkins, check out, they watch the video in YouTube and design different posters against bullying.
On Friday we took the posters to the March, everyone was wearing a white shirt and carrying a white balloon. We were screaming “No more bullying” all around the school and then we met at the football field, where we all sang the song.
Then we had reflect with the students and the final surprise was that two fourth grade students sang a beautiful song to the whole primary. They were Antonella and Valeria.
The posters and balloons were kept in the classrooms with beautiful messages.
Everything was lovely, students were so committed and motivated. They surprise us learning the song and did beautiful posters. Teachers took valuable class time to discuss with their students this topic and it was a success.  
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