Vivamos Fundraising Update


We received the following very exciting update from TES parent Rafael Sanabria regarding the fundraising campaign Asociación Vivamos is conducting via Global Giving. Congratulatons Vivamos!

Recibimos la actualización siguiente muy emocionante de padre de familia TES Rafael Sanabria sobre la campaña de crecer fondos que realiza Asociación Vivamos a traves de Global Giving. ¡Felicitaciones Vivamos!

Asovivamos update on Educational project By Rafael Sanabria – Project Leader

Classroom 1
Dear friend and supporter
Thank you for your generosity and support during the GlobalGiving Open challenge in April 2013. We now have a presence on GlobalGiving platform and will be posting our project reports and updates on our progress. We were able to raise US$ 6400 through the challenge, so we are closer to our goal to create and maintain a learning support classroom in a school to help orphan children with learning disabilities.
The goal:
This project aims to implement a personalized, participatory and equitable educational project initially targeting adolescents between 14 and 17 years old, so that they receive the necessary learning support according to their level of development, and to enable them to acquire study tools and methods, that can let them perform better in their occupational areas or future work. The project will create a classroom in a school to provide support for orphan children with learning disabilities.
Project progress:
The project started at the beginning of 2013, so we have made quite a good progress in terms of getting the classroom at the school where the children study. This project has been worked in association with Liceo San Rafael de Alicante, where the children study. The school provides the classroom and Asovivamos provides the elements and the specialist. We started the learning support with four children in ages between 14 and 17.
Maria Inés Cadena, our Administrative Director is leading the coordination of the project with the school. She monitors and supports the teacher specialist on all aspects of the program and ensures the smooth functioning with the school teachers. The children started their learning support on May 6th and will continue through the academic year. As part of the support, we have continued feedback from teachers in the classroom.
Ana Maria Rojas, our General Director has been doing an amazing job in the preparation of alliances and presentations with other potential donors. We are confident we can get additional support for the project in the near future. We have been working with alliances with other institutions to get additional support for the project.
In association with The English School (as part of their social responsibility program) we have organized campaigns to get support with donations in money and in goods. The English School has become a partner, not only for this project, but also because some of their teachers are donating English and Art classes for our kids.
Status of Learning support: Our midterm assessments in June 2013 indicate that children are improving in 3 subjects: Reading comprehension, spelling and basic Maths. It has been validated that our model works, as children are learning and enjoying learning using diverse materials, an opportunity they have not had in the past so far. Final assessments for the school year will be done by the end of November 2013.
We are delighted because the children are learning, doing better in school and able to learn and speak in English with comfort. Teachers have also reported improvement in behavior, confidence and social skills of the children and an eagerness to attend the school.
The classroom still requires materials such as a computer, videobeam, and other audio and visual resources. We expect to get them with the money collected in the near future.
Online donations have been challenging for us, as after the challenge they have been really low. We are analyzing our strategy because the base of donors is basically of Colombia and we have faced some problems related with a few banks in Colombia with restrictions for international donations through credit cards.
We are looking ahead with much excitement because we need to continue with the funding of the project in benefit of the children. Please consider making a donation to our project at and help us with this exciting effort.
Please be our ambassador and invite people you think may help us (family members, neighbors, coworkers, Facebook friends, etc.).
Thank you again for your support which makes possible to provide appropriate conditions for children’s development and their inclusion to society in an autonomous and independent way.
Sincerely yours,
Rafael Sanabria
Asociación Vivamos
By ccctes

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