PYP Social Responsibility Update


by Natasha Kater

The Social Responsibility Committee (or the Better World Wonderkids (BWW) as we prefer to be called!!) had their first meeting just before the October holidays.  In our next blog, which will be coming very soon, we will introduce each individual member and get some photos to show you!
The things that were prioritised as needing to be addressed in the school were:
       General litter around the school: we decided that there is a definite litter problem in the school and part of the problem is that there are not enough bins! Miss Natasha and Miss Angela are trying to organise getting more bins for students to put litter in
       Ecoladrillos: – we need to keep wrappers for the Ecoladrillos and bottletops for recycling. Each teacher should have somewhere in the class where children can put these things to be recycled. Class 4-5 are going to be collecting the bottle tops from each class on a Friday so start collecting! Hopefully we can make some money back from the bottle tops to pay for some PROPER recycling bins around the school so that we can start recyling paper and plastic. There will also be a bottle top bin next to where the Primary bell is… keep your bottle tops and put them in the bottle top bin!
       Students being a bit mean: the BWW stated that children could sometimes be a bit mean to each other and we should start to think about how we treat each other a little bit more. (We want to stress that BULLYING is NOT the issue, and that we should try to get away from over-using this word… BULLYING is a VERY serious issue but the things we are mostly dealing with are children JUST BEING MEAN. Let’s change this!)
       COMMIT RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS: An idea which we have introduced to get students to think about helping each  other a bit more is the Commit Random Acts Of Kindness campaign. All students will watch a short video ( – check it out!) which highlights how a simple act of kindness – as small as holding a door open for someone, helping someone pick up papers they have dropped – can make someone feel better, and it helps create a chain of kindness! At TES, we will be celebrating acts of kindness to make our school an even better place.
So, hopefully you all want to help with these campaigns – ecoladrillos, recycling, bottle tops, committing random acts of kindness… and not just in school!
Come on everyone… spread the word about recycling to friends and family at home – and let’s start to really make a positive change!
Thanks for getting involved!
Miss Natasha and the Better World Wonderkids J
By ccctes

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