PYP Social Responsibility Update


by Natasha Kater, PYP Social Responsibility Coordinator


As some of you may remember, Grade 1 had a stall at the Christmas Fair where they were selling Christmas gift items that they made from recycled materials.

Some of the children took turns to work on the stall to sell their beautiful gifts. This all fitted in very well with Grade 1’s last Unit of Inquiry “Make it Work” where they were investigating how charitable organisations work.

The children raised a whopping 740,000 pesos which will be given to a local animal charity that the children learned about in their unit, ADA (Asociacion Defensora de Animales)

It is fair to say that the children in Grade 1 did something super… it just goes to show that a bit of time and attention can turn ‘rubbish’ into something really special. Well done! J


Here in Primary, we are really taking “Random Acts of Kindness” very seriously!

We all feel good when someone does something nice for us, no matter how small. Like holding a door open, helping someone pick up the papers they dropped, asking a lonely person if they want to play, or even just asking someone how they are doing.

Or you can be more kind to our beautiful planet, like switching off the lights when you leave the room, or turning off the tap when you are brushing your teeth. And because kindness is contagious… we are trying to pass it on!

The PYP classes all have “I committed a Random Act of Kindness” awards that the children can get if they do something nice for someone else… so come one everyone – let’s get kinder!

Random Acts of Kindness

By ccctes

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