Technology Toy Project


This year our Technology teacher Stephanie Weiss taught a unit in which our 8th grade students designed toys for less fortunate children in local foundations. Below you can see the reflections about the experience written by two of our students.

Este año nuestra profesora de Tecnología Stephanie Weiss enseño un unidad en que nuestros estudiantes de 8o diseñaron juguetes para niños de bajos recursos en fundaciones locales. Abajo puedes ver reflexiónes sobre la experiencia  escritas por dos de nuestros estudiantes.


My experience designing a toy for kids was very special because it gave me the opportunity of giving a better life quality to a child, it made me happy because it made me feel that I was going to give happiness to children that need something to have fun and it was a very nice experience for me. I enjoyed when we went to pre-school to interview the children and they gave me ideas for making my product, at first I wanted to do a puzzle but I changed my mind. My product was not exactly a toy; it was a box for putting pencils, colours, paint brushes and materials. I thought that the box would satisfy my client because it was going to keep save their materials for drawing and writing and that it would organize the classroom, it will help for that the materials don’t get lost.

Ana María 8th grade


My experience designing a learning toy for kids with low economical resources was amazing, I felt really good. It was nice to make something for kids with low economic resources to learn a different language and the animals of the sea and at the same time for them to play. When I first designed my product I went to preschool and I notice the kids where really happy with my presence and I asked them what it would be like if a design them a toy and they said it would be a very nice idea and that they would be very happy, after this I was sure that I wanted to make the other kids  happy and smile with something I made and it was even more amazing knowing that they would learn something that would be useful in their future and that could help developing their cognitive skills. My product was really useful because they could learn in a happy way. My toy was a box and in that box the kids could store their pencils and crayons, like a case too.

Juliana 8th grade

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