Primary Student Litter Campaign / PYP ‘I made it better’ Award

IMAG0121Well, the Social Responsibility blog has been a little quiet recently! But that is set to change as we have a lot of projects that have recently started at TES!

Some 2nd grade students received the ‘I made it better’ award at lines on Monday as they have been getting active and helping to clean up the school at break times. Well done to Jose Miguel Torres, Martin Garay, Jose Daniel Largo, Lucas Cavieres and Mateo Cañon – it is great to see some student led action!

Also featured in the picture is Andrea Hill Fernandez, who was recognised as being a superstar friend – keep up the good work!

Remember, we can all do wonderful, kind things to make our school, city, country, even world a better place – so talk to your friends about it, and get involved… speak to your teacher, Miss Natasha, or your section’s social responsibility representative if you have an idea to share! 🙂

By ccctes

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